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16"x20" Limited Edition Print 


Print FAQs

Does the ink smudge / run / smear?

We use a toner based printing process that once cured, is impervious to water.  However, the paper that the print is printed on is not.  With that said, these prints are not for extended outdoor use, but can hold up to light weather conditions.


Are your prints glossy or matte?

Our prints come off our press with a matte finish. 


Are you posters "Archival"?

We use acid free paper and a very lightfast and stable printing process using toner.  Our own tests indicate that even in direct sunlight, minimal fading to the colors were present, less than 5%.  This test placed a color chart in direct sunlight for a full calendar year.  So, by definition, we can assume that our prints are in fact archival.


What is the thickness and quality of the paper used?

For our prints smaller than 20 x 30, the paper is #80 coated cover stock.  For the layperson, this is considered a medium high thick poster paper (about the thickness of the outside cover paper of upscale magazines such as Vogue or National Geographic).   

Nubia Print

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