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Commission faqs

Are Commissions Currently Open? 

Yes! Currently, commissions are open for October through December on a first-come basis. 

Is there a deposit? 

Yes, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due before any project can begin. This also locks in your start date. 

What's the basic process? 

- First, we discuss the parameters of the illustrations. The more information provided, the more accurate the quote will be (Example: number of illustrations, characters, & level of detail required).

NOTE: For children's books, you must submit either the script or illustration breakdown to receive an estimate.

- Once we come to an understanding of the project and timeline, an estimate is made and approved.

- Next, the deposit must be paid before the artwork can be started. 

- Sketches are sent which will be adjusted according to the notes received. If revisions are needed due to unclear notes or a complete redesign, additional fees may apply. 

- The final illustrations are created with up to TWO minor rounds of revisions.

- The final payment is due once the final illustrations are approved and are sent only after the payment is made.  

What format do you send the artwork?  

Whatever format you require, just let me know upfront what you need. Size, bleed/trim, and special format requirements are especially important. Also, text formatting is an additional $10 per page. 

What do you usually need to get started? 

The more information, the better. Here's a list of helpful information: 

- Character Descriptions (Age, size, eye color, hair color, hairstyle, clothing style, and distinguishing features. Any reference photos you have are also helpful.)

- Any illustration, color, or style preferences. 

- Page format (trim size, paper dimensions, and publishing company)

- Script Breakdown with an illustration description for each page.


Page 1 Text: "Nailah enjoys watching her mommy make breakfast and set the table every day.  One morning Nailah asks, "Mommy, why do you have to go to work?"  


Page 1 Illustration Notes: Modern kitchen with Nailah sitting at the table and her mother walking towards her with a plate in one hand and a cup in the other. 

How long does each book/project take?

This varies by each type of project but....

Children's books: 8-week minimum

Wood Illustrations: 4-8 week minimum

Portraits: 2-4 weeks 

How do I pick a self-publishing company? 

Here are some tips on picking a self-publishing company. Make sure to do your research before reaching out to illustrators. 

Do you have a price list? 

Nope! Every project is a little different so it's hard to determine a general price. I can give you the most accurate quote if given enough information up front.