Illustrator Jacqui C. Smith creates unique portraits depicting women and girls of color that paint an intriguing image of female diversity. Her illustrations focus on uplifting and empowering women and girls through art and self-identity.

For the last eight years, Jacqui has worked as a professional freelance illustrator creating illustrated children’s books for self-publishers and publishing companies, creating logos and merchandise designs for small businesses, working on projects for Duck Studios Animation and Disney, and selling her artwork at boutiques such as Mindfulnest, Reparations Club, Cultural Interiors, and the Brewyard Beer Company.


During the last two years, she’s released four coloring books “Know Yourself: A Coloring Books for Women (& Girls) ” that focus on positive self-identity and relaxation for women. Aside from coloring books, she also creates stickers, journals, coasters, greeting cards, prints, t-shirts, and buttons that all feature women and girls of color. She also designed a special beer can for Brewyard Beer Company in Glendale named Beautiful Skin and partnered with them to create an annual Brewyard Art Festival that started in June 2017.

When she’s not working on commissions, you can find Jacqui showcasing her art every month at craft shows, festivals, and conventions like Designercon and CTN Roadtrip. As one of the few black artists showcasing illustrated artwork at various events, Jacqui thinks it’s very important to continue to bring engaging art to the community that gets people talking about diversity and ways we can increase exposure and open dialogues in our communities. 

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Cultural Artist Spotlight: Jacqui C. Smith

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