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Commission faqs

Is there a deposit? 

Yes, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due before the project can begin. 

What's the basic process? 

First, we discuss the parameters of the illustration. The more information provided, the more accurate the quote will be. Once we come to an understanding on the project and timeline, an estimate is made and approved. Next, the deposit must be paid and sketches are sent which will be adjusted according to the notes received. The final payment is due once the final illustration is approved. 

What medium is used on the wood?

It's inked with pen and varnished. The larger pieces have wood structural supports.  

What size is the wood illustration? 
Commissions typically start at 24"x24" and go to 48"x48". Reclaimed wood is used upon request and can be irregularly sized. 

What do you usually need to get started? 

The more information, the better. Here's a list of helpful information: 

- Reference photos

- Any specific distinguishing features 

- As detailed a description of what you want as possible. 

- Preferred colors

Do you have a price list? 

Nope. Every piece is unique and can take months to create depending on the size and level of detail so the price ranges. The minimum starting price for an original wood illustration is $500. 

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