Tier One

minimum to no background with simply shaped characters. Characters are designed to be posable. 2 characters Max per page. (Does not apply to character designs)

Tier Two

medium level of detail on characters and Full page backgrounds with some patterns, props, or additional details. 

Tier Three

Fully rendered illustrations with shading, lighting, texture/Patterns, and fully detailed backgrounds.

Commission faqs

Is there a deposit? 

Yes, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due before the project can begin. 

What's the basic process? 

First, we discuss the parameters of the project. Once we come to an understanding, an estimate is made and approved. Next, the deposit must be paid and sketches are sent which will be adjusted according to the notes received. The final illustrations are created with up to TWO minor rounds of revisions. The final payment is due once the final illustrations are approved. 

What format do you send the artwork? 
Whatever format you require, just let me know up front what you need. Size, bleed/trim, and special format requirements are especially important. 

What do you usually need to get started? 

The more information, the better. Here's a list of helpful information: 

- Character Descriptions (Age, size, eye color, hair color, hair style, clothing style, and distinguishing features)

- Script Breakdown with a illustration description for each page

- Any illustration, color or style preferences. 

- Page format (trim size, paper dimensions, and publishing company)

Do you have a price list? 

Nope. Every project is a little different so it's hard to determine a general price. Although I've separated my illustrations in to three different tiers, often times a project can have illustrations from multiple levels. I can give you the most accurate quote if given enough information up front. 

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